Mike Atkins


About the Photographer

Mike Atkins is a commercial photographer based in Greater Manchester.
The above photo is taken from his Tolkien photography series in which
he photographed Tolkien’s inspiration. For this series he used a 5×4 film
camera and shot on Fuji’s Velvia film. This practice is usually used exclusively
in advertising and fine art photography since the advent of digital techniques,
although this type of photography allows for much more control of the images.
Since this project, Mike Atkins has invested in 5×4 cameras for his commercial
photography, while still using digital for other projects. He uses a Canon 5D MKII
and current techniques for his imagery. He is a versatile photographer that can
adapt for any situation.

Upon Finishing his degree in Photography with first class honours and an award
for best concept in show; Mike has been working on his own projects. He has|
continued to refine his art by reading photography books and articles, which keeps
him at the forefront of his practice. Recently photography has taken a back seat
while he focuses on video. The video he has been producing for the Gramotones
has captured attention of audiences wordwide including the attention of Paul Weller,
Miles Kane an other iconic figures. This has encouraged him to focus on his video
technique and invest more time into research.

Mike has been working closely with the Gramotones to create their music videos
and has worked with them as a photographer. During his video shoots he has
learned to grow as a practitioner whilst learning the DSLR video trade. He has
numerous hours of recording video and editing footage. Whilst this was a secondary
trade he has turned it into something more and now provides a premium dslr video
service as well a photographer.

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