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        IF you're looking for a great fashion photographer look no further, Mike Atkins aka Mycatkins has been producing beautiful imagery for over 10 years. He uses a mixture of ambient and strobe lighting on location to his advantage. By using a selection of media he mixes film and digital to make beautiful work. It should be noted that Mike Atkins gained a 1:1 degree in photography BAHons at the university of bolton. The course set up a close relationship with mixing film and digital analog photography can be found in the fashion industry and provides a beautiful medium for his work. Using the techniques built up over many years Mike Atkins uses the techniques in all his work. Primarily interested in Fashion he has travelled the UK to make stunning images on location. https://uk.pinterest.com/mycatkins/ Check out the pintrest to find out some bts shots and information regarding shoots. Past shoots can be found here as well as inspiration for past and upcoming shoots. [caption id="attachment_1753" align="alignleft" width="2560"]Example of retouching on a beauty image, this was shot on portra 5x4 film taken on a horseman camera Example of retouching on a beauty image, this was shot on portra 5x4 film taken on a horseman camera[/caption] This image is an example of a beauty fashion shot taken on analog film and the detail captured is incredible. The Epson Scanner does a great job of resolving the fine detail in the portra film. The subtle tones work well for skin and overall the image is beautiful when compared to digital counterparts. The Schneider lens is much sharper than any nikon or Canon lens commonly found amongst other photographers. The horseman demands a much slower workflow which seems to help when composing great shots. It's obvious that the degree from university of bolton helped create a love of analog film. Digital can be harsh when shooting fashion. Smooth lines are great and subtle tones are even better. Enquire within for more details. at mikeatkins@mail.com for more.