• Musicians

    portraits and band imagery for song writers of any sort. I will create any kind of imagery for your music based on your music, lyrics or ideas you may have. Photography for musicians is always difficult and I believe that your image should reflect your music. With this in mind I always strive to achieve a look that pairs well with the sound of the band. I am also available for music videos and imagery that does not include portraiture, events and any other work requiring a camera. I am willing to travel and willing to take into consideration the needs of all members of the group. I have a vast selection of cameras and techniques and mediums at my disposal to create something that you'll be very happy with. See these links for examples of videos and Consider applying to Acoustic Outside, the session video channel that promotes musicians. http://mikeatkins.co.uk/video-2/ http://www.cupidsband.com/ The first image is a photography inspired by the festival holi. Holi is a very colourful time of year that was replicated in this photograph of ethan and the reformations who specialise in psychedelia which ties in to some of the beliefs of the people interested in holi.