Night Sky

One of my favourite pass times is chasing the stars and other astral events, such as the northern lights. Not an easy feat in the north of England. I have put plenty of hours of meticulous planning for these trips and found with each trip I had overlooked something very important. Once I had travelled 200 miles deep into the Welsh countryside to find a dark spot, miles from any light pollution to capture a long exposure of the stars completely forgetting to check the phase of the moon… I had made the mistake of taking this trip on one of the brightest nights I’ve ever witnessed, so bright that I managed to take a portrait with little motion blur to remind myself that there can never be enough planning with these trips. Especially when the best times to view the stars in the North of England are the Autumn and Winter months, cloud cover, temperature drops causing condensation on lenses, moon light, light pollution and issues with camera equipment. With each trip I learned of something I should plan for next time and eventually I managed to take some good photos. I don’t often get time to shoot the stars any more since working full time at the studio, but it is something I miss greatly.