Palm houses

During research into photographers of the past I found that I enjoyed the works of botanists come photographers, which is when I found a distant relative, Anna Atkins who was a pioneer of the photographic process and was the first person to ever annotate a book with photographs. Her 1843 book Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions was the first book to be illustrated with photographs. Her work consisted of photograms of algae and ferns that she collected with her friend Anne Dixon – another coincidence since a close friend I share this interest with named Alex Dixon has helped populate these images and contributed to our online presence. Since researching further into the topic I delved deeper and found another odd connection to Anna, but this time geographic. My house is a stone’s throw away from William Henry Fox Talbot’s home, who Anna was a close friend of and reportedly relied on to help further the photogram process. 

Sun Gardens by Anna Atkins

After finding this connection I decided to put more effort into making a body of work around the plants that my wife and I love. We already had a large collection of images of our own plants as well as images taken from botanical gardens we visited the past years up and down the country. Whilst curating the best images and organising them into a coherent and meaningful project we have created an instagram page to find out what images people like and what work well together. 

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