Each retouch or restoration job is quoted on an ad-hoc basis and pricing will be discussed based on the level of retouch or restoration required. We can also improve the quality of images using AI software to add pixels based on the subject. If you have printed images we can scan them, restore and give you digital copies and/or C type prints.
We use an Epson flatbed scanner to scan anything up to A4 size. This includes: 35mm, 120, 5x4 film, wet plate negatives & transparancies, printed media & documents. For anything 3D we can take images that mimic a scan to retain all the detail you require We also provide a restoration service for old and damaged images.
We provide a black and white film processing service that spans 35mm, 120 and 5x4 film. We can provide you with scans of the film, digital copies and prints C-type digital prints. Film enlarging isn't currently supported.
Simple stop motion animations are available to spice up your social feed with product demos We can show off what your product does by using stop motion animation without the need for costly video.

For projects that last a longer period of time we can provide timelapse services which condense the passage of time into a smaller area to speed up the video.  

We can accommodate a range of video services from music videos to interview situations to short adverts showcasing your business.